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 NETCORE - Network for Climatically Reliable Electronics



The objective of NETCORE was to increase the knowledge and skills levels of Danish electronic industries on the topic “Corrosion reliability risk” for their products so that they can ensure high reliability and quality for products to be sold to any climatic zone.

All electronic industries are struggling to optimise their product behaviour to cope with various climatic zones.  Electronics used for green energy (wind systems, fuel cells, solar cells etc.) is just one example of how electronic products are being exposed to more and more aggressive climatic conditions (humidity, varying temperatures, gases etc). Such climatic conditions can cause electronics to fail before expected. In order to sell high quality products in a more and more globalized world, Danish electronic industries have to understand product failures and learn how to do remediate action. This also includes quality specifications for sub suppliers and outsourced products. This project will deliver a set of systematic educational and skills development packages targeted to improve knowledge levels in the electronic producing industry. This includes corrosion reliability issues, and thump rules, “to do” – “not to do”, and simple and feasible solutions for products improvements.

Goals in NETCORE are set together with industries targeting their needs centered on climatic reliability issues. This will ensure the outcome will be directly implemented at industrial level. The expertise at DTU and tapped knowledge from some of the big Danish industries will be pooled together with international net-work of CELCORR and other net-work groups in Denmark.


Building 425, Section of Materials and Surface Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, DK 2800 Lyngby, Denmark